About Us

The Cocoa Caravan itself is a beautiful Sprite Cadet known famously for how small it is with a total length of 2.58m (just over 8ft) and a width of 1.91m (just over 6ft). Furthermore, it also has an unusual entrance door located at the rear and a large ‘bubbletop’ polyester roof light, making this caravan truly unique.


Due to some manufacturing glitches the Sprite company stopped production of this little caravan half way through 1970, meaning only 300 of these were ever made thus making this truly special caravan extremely rare.

Designed for towing by Minis and other small cars, the Cadet weighed only 346kg. Since then, it has been lovingly restored to its former glory days with a new face lift and refurbishment and unsurprisingly The Cocoa Caravan has become a little heavier  – weighing around 750kg!

As for the business itself, we are started back in 2016 with backing from the Princes Trust. We have travelled to events around the UK, in particular areas around the Midlands, South Wales and East Anglia with nothing but positive feedback as well establishing ourselves at regular artisan markets and seasonal events.

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